Flu Vaccinations

 Starting in October we can provide Flu Vaccinations in a number of our Pharmacies. This is a 'seasonal service', and are administered by our Pharmacists between October and March.




Flu Vaccinations are provided, free of charge (courtesy of the NHS) for individuals that are considered at a greater risk from Influenza. To see if this includes you, click here - www.nhs.uk/Livewell/winterhealth/Pages/Fluandthefluvaccine.aspx

 If you would like a Flu Vaccination, or just some information on them, please contact your local Peak/Tims & Parker Pharmacy, and we will be happy to help - Click here to find your local store

If you are a local business, and require a large number of Flu Vaccinations to protect your workforce over the winter, dont hesitate to contact us directly, either at enquiries@pcthealthcare.com or on 0161 7033757. We will be happy to provide an excellent service to you and discuss.


Your local pharmacy may not offer all the services listed in this section. Please contact your local store to find out which services are available

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