We would like to wish all our Staff & Customers our best wishes for 2013.

This year in England have lots going on, the prospect of a 'Royal Baby', the defending of crickets most sought after prize, 'The Ashes' on British Soil, and the best chance of a British athlete winning Wimbledon since 1936....

With all that in mind, and the celebrations that may come with the above, the first months of a new Year are usually a period when individuals look to improve their lifestyle, and make ammendments to their diet following the Christmas Period. At PCT Healthcare we are committed to helping with this, and would suggest the following guidelines for individuals to follow throughout the year to sustain a healthy lifestyle.


1. Keeping Fit - You don't need to visit a gym to stay fit, there are plenty of daily activities that can help you. Whether this is taking the dog for an extra/longer walk, or simple things like working in the garden. We suggest that you find an activity that not only benefits the body, but that you also enjoy. Remember, more exercise can lead to a healthier heart, as it reduces cardiovascular risks.   


 2. Eat Healthy - We suggest that along with exercising regularly, you should eat healthily. Not only does a better diet help improve your health, it also has positive effects on your weight. Everyone has heard of the '5 a day' rule. (Eating 5 different fruit and vegetables a day) but not everyone manages to achieve this. This can be done in simple ways. Add fruit to your cereal, try new recipe's involving new vegetables to establish whether you would eat them regularly, or swap a morning snack for a healthier fruit option. Eating healthily doesnt have to be boring, there are hundreds of recipes online which are healthy alternatives to your favourite meals.


3. Drink Plenty of Water - Water makes up about two thirds of the weight in our body, and most of the chemical reactions that happen throughout our body need water to take place. The NHS suggest that we drink over 1 litre of water a day, to prevent dehydration. Be careful substituting water for fizzy drinks, squashes or sports drinks as these can contain high levels of sugar, which are high in calories, and can damage teeth.  Water however is the best choice for quenching your thirst, as it contains no sugar or calories.


4. Quit Smoking - Stopping smoking can make a big difference to your lifestyle, and it is never too late to stop smoking, to help benefit your health. The negative effects of smoking can be Lung Cancer & Lung disease, Respiratory Problems (COPD), Heart Disease, other Cancers, Reduced Fertility, Quicker Ageing and Problems with Circulation. Not only does quitting smoking reduce the chances of contracting these, but it also saves money. Did you know that smoking 20 cigarettes a day amounts to over £2,000 a year. 


Your Local Peak Pharmacy or Tims & Parker Pharmacy can help support you to stop smoking, not only can we offer an NHS funded stop Smoking Service in our Pharmacies, but we can also advise and provide you with NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) to help ease you off cigarettes. - services/smoking-cessation-stop-smoking-with-your-local-pharmacy.php

Remember, making small changes one day at a time consistently is easier than making big changes from day one.

January is not only the start of a New Year, but also potentially the start of a new lifestyle, if you want any healthcare advice, visit any Peak Pharmacy or Tims & Parker Pharmacy today, and our friendly staff will be happy to help.


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