What is an M.U.R?

Medicines usage reviewAn MUR (Medicines Usage Review) is a free service provided by Community Pharmacies, paid for by the NHS.  It helps Patients understand their medication. This is carried out by a Pharmacist, in a consultation room, where patients can discuss private issues with a Professional.

The aims of an MUR are to – 

  • Establish any side effects which a patient may be experiencing with their current medication, and look to eradicate these problems, if possible.
  • Ensure that a patient knows exactly what their medication is for, and why they are taking it
  • Educate patients of the costs of medication, and the importance of ordering exactly what is necessary on their repeat Prescriptions,

An MUR would help bring to light issues which had never previously been brought to our attention. 

Some common issues raised at MUR’s, and the solution then provided to the Doctor are as follows – 


Issue - “I suffer terrible stomach cramps after taking my medication first thing in the morning ” Mrs A

Solution – Pharmacist informed ‘Mrs A’ that her medication should always be taken with food (i.e. Breakfast), to eradicate the symptoms she was suffering from.


Issue - “I suffer from increasingly dry eyes, even though I have been prescribed eye drops to deal with this” Mr B

Solution – Pharmacist informed ‘Mr B’ that he must ensure that he is not wearing his Contact Lenses when instilling drops into the eye, as this prevents the drops reaching the eye.

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