Why can’t I purchase certain things, or get my prescription dispensed at a certain period in the day?

Pharmacist at counterAs of the 1st October, 2009, the Responsible Pharmacist Regulations came into effect. 

This means, that we, as an employer, have appointed a Pharmacist, for that day, to be responsible for the sale of medicines, and the distribution of medicines to patients throughout the period the Pharmacy is open. 

The regulation states that the Pharmacist must be in ‘Personal Control’ of a Pharmacy. This means, he/she must be present for the sale of any P medicines (medication that can only be sold in a Pharmacy) and the distribution of POM medicines (medication that can only be given out to patients with a prescription for it).

If the Pharmacist is on their lunch break, they are not present in the pharmacy, and therefore certain medication cannot be purchased by customers, nor can we dispense prescriptions, or give out assembled prescriptions.

We have signs in every Pharmacy stating when the Pharmacist is on their lunch break. 

The Responsible Pharmacist Regulation is a Government Law, by which we abide.

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